The one you have been waiting for! Contents include the following

1 pack of David’s Sling worms

2 packs of Exodus Swimmer Pros ( 1 white and 1 Shad color)

3 packs of Revelation Craws ( 1 white, 1 ozark craw, and 1 Canada craw)

1 silver/white Revelation Buzzbait

1 pack of BTS custom worms

1 custom Canada craw flipping jig

1 pack of screw lock jig heads

1 pack of SRS Green Pumpkin 5/16oz Shakyheads

1 yellow and white buzzbait

1 Bushwacker buzzbait

1 ozark craw finesse jig

2 fully custom Brazalo spinnerbaits

1 custom painted square bill

1 custom sexy Shad swimjig

I’ll let you do the math on that value…